M2V0XVT Mini–Vacuum Plasma Treatment System

RFGX00VT 13.56 MHz 100-300 Watts RF Plasma Generators

M2V0XVT is a Small and portable Vacuum Plasma Treatment System manufactured by
VacTechniche. M2V0XVT has been designed to provide wide range of reliable services, with low
pressure and cold plasma treatment for the research laboratories or industrial applications.

Clean Plasma:
The main body of the chamber is
made of quartz or Pyrex and plasma
electrodes are outside the chamber,
so the particles are not etched from
the chamber body and do not
contaminate the plasma.

Wide range of plasma Generators:

  • 40kHz, 400kHz, 13.56MHz.
  • 0 to 100W,150w or 200w.

Reliable and repeatable:

  • Automatic setpoints adjustment.
  • Closed loop parameter control.
  • Automatic process control

User friendly:

  • Touch and Graphical control panel is available.
  • Automatic process control mode.
  • Easy adjustment and monitoring of plasma parameters

The system monitors all components.It
automatically considers the prerequisites
so that the components of the device are
not damaged in the event of an operator

Custom design options:

  • One, two or more input gas.
  • Vacuum chamber size.
  • Manual or automatic accessories.
  • Plasma polymerization accessories such as pulsed plasma generator, liquid monomer injector, heat controlled body, dry vacuum pump.

M2V0XVT Applications:

  • Plasma cleaner.
  • Plasma Activation.
  • Plasma etching.
  • Improve adhesion.
  • SEM and TEM sample preparation.
  • Textile surface treatments.
  • PDMS microfluidic channel fabrication.Medical technology.
M2V0XVT Mini–Vacuum Plasma Treatment System
Size: diameter:125 mm, length: 240 mm.
Custom design size is available.
Main body Material: quartz, Pyrex.
Sample holder: Glass, Aluminum, steel, PTFE .
Plasma generator
Frequency:40khz, 400khz, 13.56mhz.
Power: 0 to 100w, 150w or 200w.
Input gas
One, two or more input gas.
MFC or needle valve gas control and glass rotameter flow meter.
Control and Monitor
Manual via key, volume and digital displayer Graphical and touch control panel.
Parameters: vacuum pressure, time, gas Automatic and manual process managment flow, plasma power, system components
Automatic and manual process managment
Plasma Generation
External capacitive electrodes.
External Inductive plasma generation.
Internal single or multi-electrode structure.
Vacuum pump
2-stage Oil-sealed Rotary Vane Pump
Dry pump.
Vacuum gauge
Corrosion resistant Pirani gauge
Dimensions: depends on components and options
Material: Aluminum.
Main input power
220v AC. 50 Hz - 60Hz. (Or 110V AC)