Vacuum Sputter and Thermal Coater – VCS100F is a versatile system that included Thermal Evaporation and Sputtering Deposition methods. Since the dimension of VCS100F is a larger than other Vac Coat products and its chamber is SST, in the standard model the cathodes will be placed on the baseplate, as an optional they could be placed on the door of vacuum chamber.

In addition, the number of magnetron cathodes and the size of them could be more and bigger than DST3 model. On the other hand, the VCS100F chamber is larger than the desktop models such as Desk Sputter Coater – DST3 and Desk Thermal Evaporator – DTT and all the thermal sources and magnetron cathodes are installed on the baseplate, and the deposition performed from bottom to up.

The larger and metallic chamber of the VCS100F caused less worry about overheating of baseplate and vacuum chamber because of thermal radiation from glows thermal sources in a long time. The greater distance between thermal sources and specimens in the VCS100F resulted in better thickness uniformity of coatings than desktop models for large samples.

VCS100F Specifications
  • Three straight 2” magnetron cathodes
  • Electronic shutter
  • Electronic throttle valve
  • DC power supply protected against short circuit
  • High vacuum turbomolecular pump, TMP 350 L/s( Leybold) 
  • Two-stage rotary vacuum pump
  • SST Stainless Steel cylindrical vacuum chamber
  • Two quartz crystal thickness measurement systems with a precision of 1nm and resolution of 1 Å
  • RF power supply with the automatic matching box (300 W)
  • Full range vacuum gauge sensor
  • Two precision MFC
Features of Vacuum Sputter and Thermal Coater
  • Thermal evaporation sources and high current power supply
  • Plasma Cleaner
  • Additional MFC
  • Additional DC or RF power supplies
  • Vacuum heater
  • Additional magnetron cathodes
  • The size of cathodes could be 3” or 4”
  • Rotational sample holder